New/Old book smell !

Hey everyone 

One of my favorite things is the smell of books , there is the new books smell, that clean and fresh ink on paper, ink on gloss paper too. I find it really adds to the new book expierice and to the expierince of reading a book too.

Then there is the lovely old book smell thats more old ink and paper with a hint of musty smell, reminds me of old librarys and I wonder who has read said book before me.

My sketch below of an idea for containing book smells.

Bottled smells , perfume, candles , tealights, bubble bath.

Review: GIRL IN THE ICE by Robert Bryndza !

GIRL IN THE ICE : Dective Erika Foster. By Robert Bryndza

Published 16th feb 2016 ,396 pages.


When a young boy discovers the body of a women beneath a think sheet of ice in a south London park, Dective Erika Foster is called in to lead the case.

Eye under the ice sketch

When the victim turns out to be from a well to do family Erika has pressure to not dig to deep but when more bodies are found but with no apparent connections, Erika must connect the dots before the killer closes in on her .

A great start to what I think will be an interesting series , well writern with the charactors interesting, relistic and with plenty of depth.

The plot is a complicated and political, with Erika getting preseures from all sides, but Erikia is determond and stuborn which gets her in trouble but makes great reading and endge of the seat morements. 

Erika personal life has a huge inpact on her work, due to her been the lead on an opertion that went south and reasulted in her husband and other colleagues been killed. This has resulted in her blaming her self and she is always trying to prove herself and push herself to get the killer.

A brillent engaging read by Robert Brynadza that made me wish I could read faster , a complete shock at who the killer was just didny see it coming. Truely worth the time to read, now im of to get the second book in the series .

I would hugely recommend to anyone that like crime , thrillers or series with a strong female personality

I give this book 5 out of 5 

The Missing Ones by Patricia Gibney !

The missing ones by Patricia Gibney first book in the Detective Lottie Parker series.

Published 16th March 2017


Excert from first chapter

The hole they dug was not deep. A white flour bag encased the little body. Three small faces watched from the window black with terror.

The child in the middle spoke without turning his head ‘I wonder which one of us will be next’

I have to admit I was gripped from the first chapter and couldnt put this book down. This book had me so engrossed in what was go to happen next and who the killer was that the housekeeping just had to wait a little longer.

The body of a women is found in a caterdral and then a man is found hanging from a tree are they connect DI Lottie Parker thinks they are and maybe more to this than meets the eye. 

The investigations lends to ST Angela’s a children’s home which has a dark history and a link to her own family history starts to make the investigation more complicated, as the investigastion find more deeper and darker crimes of the past.

My sketch take on St Angela’s children home

DI lottie parker is a interesting character with unique ways of solving crimes and a great way of rubbing people up the wrong way but for all the right reasons, she has be a little stroppy at times but getting answers to solving the crimes is her aim.

Lottie parker is a single parent trying to juggle work and children with been a dective inspector and not sure if she is doing anything right by doing so Lottie is a likeable character that is easy to relate to and throughout the book you are with her all the way willing her and her team to make the connections and get the killer .

The story its self is belivible and realistic with each character different, not all of them are nice and sweet, infact some of the are nasty and bullies Which really did add to the book feeling realistic and made me have feeling towards them like anger joy and sadness really did bring them more to life.

The going back in time was a interesing way to enhance the storyline, while not doing it to often made sure it wasnt to confusing to read.

This is a debut novel which you wouldnt have know when reading, its gripping, intense with twists and turns all the while rich with details and also having very well built characters this one is going to be hard to beat.

I wasnt shocked by who the killer was, I believed the character could have been the killer but I didnt suspect them but because by the end everything added up and made the jigsaw pieces fit together, it all made sense but it did catch me out as I though it was someone completely different.

A brillent read and a story I will not forget anytime soon. Would recommend to others to read.

I have gived The Missing Ones 4 out of 5