Want You Gone by Chris Brookmyre !

Want You Gone by Chris Brookmyre.

Published 20th April 2017 

Hey everyone I have been away this weekend to see family so sadly havent been about to sketch but here is my review of want you gobe enjoy ! 

Want you dead has some great characters and plot but I did find it took 10 or so chapters to get started so a little slow but worth the wait.

Once the story got going it really did get going with a bang and the slower start makes alot more sense.

The books start by introducing different hackers and their stories and then things get complicated for Sam Morpeth a big time online hacker and small time person in the real world.

Sam had to grow up fast when her mum was sent to jail and she was left looking after her little sister, but when her online handle “buzzkill” is cracked and Sam starts to get blackmailed the by another unknown hacker with information that could get her arrested or worse. 

Sam turns to Jack a journalist and the only person she can trust to try and break the law for the blackmailer and also find out who is blackmailing her , while promising to give Jack an inside story to Buzzkill if he helps her.

Sam is scared and worries for her sister but also a clever and deep characterwhich I loved and was really rooting for her.

I brillent read so many twist and turns, once it got going this book was hard to put down. Alot of deep thought and understanding has gone it to the characters.

Also leaves a creepy feel that nothing is save online no matter what you 5ry to do to protect your detail.

Highly recommend 4 out of 5



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